How to Avoid Environmental Toxins

How to Avoid Environmental Toxins

In our industrialized world, it’s extremely difficult to avoid the pollution and toxins being poured into our atmosphere every moment. Although there may be more environmentally friendly processes, many manufacturers will choose the cheaper production method to maximize profit, even if it’s not the cleanest. Humans, in particular, are very susceptible to toxins in our water, air and food. Illnesses due to toxins are unfortunately all too common in today’s chemical-filled world. Although it is impossible to fully avoid all toxins, it pays to take precautions to avoid them as much as possible.

Artificial Preservatives and Additives

Much of our food is laced with artificial preservatives and additives to keep it from spoiling. In addition, these chemicals are added for flavor or, sometimes, color. As with anything you put into your body, natural is always better. If possible, avoid consuming foods or medications with artificial preservatives or other unnatural additives to keep your body toxin-free. Drink plenty of water every day to flush out toxins taken into your body by eating, drinking or even breathing.

Chemical Air Pollution

As much as you may wish to shut yourself in your home and be protected from all the air pollution outdoors, the toxins can work their way inside where you inhale them. For this reason, drinking as much water as you can is vital to detoxifying your system.

Chemical air pollution can also come from within if you use unnatural cleaning supplies. If there are many harsh chemicals in the ingredients list, it’s best to opt for a more natural cleaning method. Some products will even have warnings on their labels not to use them in an area lacking ventilation. If you do use these products make sure to have windows and doors open to allow the potentially toxic fumes to disperse.

If you have pest control issues, avoid using toxic chemicals like bug bombs to rid your home of pests. There are plenty of natural pest repellents that can get rid of your issue and keep you healthier. As always, though, make sure your home is well ventilated in case you do use chemical products.

Natural Carcinogens

Some toxic substances don’t come from any factory or laboratory but, rather, occur naturally in our environment. Radon is a radioactive natural gas that is produced from decaying uranium in rocks and soil. For this reason, it’s most common in underground portions of homes such as basements or crawl spaces. If you feel you may have valid concerns about radon poisoning, get your home tested by a professional. Seal off contaminated floors, walls and basements if possible.
Formaldehyde also occurs naturally but is toxic to humans. It is most commonly found in new building materials and, therefore, new homes. However, formaldehyde does dissipate over time. If you are unsure about your formaldehyde exposure, have a professional test your home.

Keeping Your Body and Mind Healthy Naturally

The world may be full of toxic pollutants but being aware of the risks and avoiding potentially damaging chemicals can be the first step to a more natural life. Contact Puro Wellness Center and Spa online or by calling (734) 716-5588 to learn more about leading a purer life.

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