I Can’t Swallow Pills! HELP!

I Can’t Swallow Pills! HELP!

I Can’t Swallow Pills! HELP!
(Full Explanation of Detox, Supplements and How to Take Them)

So here you are again trying to gulp down a supplement, gulping down copious amounts of water practically flooding your mouth hoping that maybe the pill will become a raft and slide down your throat like Huckleberry Finn on his way to St. Louis. Sadly the pill stopped dead cold at the roof of your mouth and to make matters worse, it is starting to dissolve. If this has ever happened to you, then you know how incredibly frustrating it can be. Here are a few helpful tips that could save you from water boarding yourself.
If they are the “plastic type of capsules” take them apart and put them into your protein drink or morning shake. That simple.
Here is the Detox Supplement list, a summary of each product and explanations on the best way on taking it (may vary depending on condition).


Tumero- This product is a rich source of curcumin (found naturally in turmeric root) and provides key anti-inflammatory components and supports healthy immune system mechanisms. Be careful with taking this supplement for it may stain your clothing. This product is a liquid so it should be easier to consume. We do not recommend mixing this product.

Resvero- This product s a rich source of a resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant (found naturally in grape skins) and helps to reduce oxidative stress and free radical damage.  This product is also a liquid so it should be easier to consume.

Vitamin D3 – Vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin” is an essential vitamin that plays many important roles in the proper functioning of the body. Though classified as a vitamin, vitamin D is actually a key regulatory hormone for calcium and bone metabolism. This product is a liquid, uses a syringe and is easy to consume.  Can take with or without a meal.
Interesting Facts on Vitamin D3-Recent studies have shown that taking an adequate amount of vitamin D near optimum levels can reduce your risk of cancer by 30%. Another thing to remember is that VD3 is not a vitamin at all but a neuro-regulatory steroidal hormone.



Homeopathic Drops (KDNY, LVR, LYPH) – These three targeted homeopathic drops support the body’s detoxifying organs (liver, lymphatic system, and kidneys) to drain and clear the body from toxins and chemicals and return to optimal functioning. Will be taken under the tongue upon waking and before bed.

Metacrin-DX – Supports phase I and phase II of liver detoxification with phytonutrients (milk thistle and dandelion extracts), vitamins, and minerals. Take one capsule with each meal (three times total daily).

OptiCleanse GHI –  Supports gastrointestinal and hepatic detoxification with 26g plant-based low-allergy pea and rice protein blend. Aids with cytokine balance with phytonutrients, mineral amino acid chelates, and activated B vitamins.  Sugar, stevia, and gluten free, vanilla flavor, vegan friendly. Will be used in smoothies/shake meal replacements, once to twice per day.

ProbioMax Daily DF – Four-strain probiotic supplement for gastrointestinal and immune system health with 30 billion CFU per serving.  Vegetarian, dairy and gluten free. Take once daily with to without meals.

Omega MonoPure 1300 –  provides 1300 mg combined of EPA/DHA monoglyceride fish oil with enhanced absorption for essential fatty acids and anti-inflammatory support for the brain, cardiovascular and immune system. Take once daily with meals.

Phyto Brain-E (for vegan/vegetarian members) – Supports the brain, cardiovascular and immune system with the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA sourced from phytoplankton. Take once daily with meals.

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