Migraines: Can Massage Lead to Pain Relief? 

Migraines: Can Massage Lead to Pain Relief? 

The good news is, yes massage CAN relieve migraine pain. Unfortunately, that’s all it can do. Migraines were previously thought to be a vascular issue much like tension headaches, but research today shows that not to be true: migraines are a neurological disease. It’s an instability in the brains’ function of absorbing incoming sensory information such as light and sound. 

Massage helps to relieve the pain that migraines cause by enabling blood flow to the affected muscles. By doing so, there’s a reduction in muscle spasms, relaxation and tension relief are being promoted by the proper blood circulation.

Massage isn’t proven to be a cure for migraines, but it’s a great treatment plan. During the research process, many clients experienced a major reduction in migraine headaches, they also had better nights’ sleep and saw an increase in serotonin levels. The most common plan for a migraine sufferer would be once every two weeks, or as often as one has migraine attacks.

There’s a number of different massage techniques that help reduce migraine pain: deep tissue, Neuromuscular (NMT) or trigger point therapy, reflexology, and craniosacral therapy (CST). The most recommended massage for migraine treatment is deep tissue, for most this approach works because it’s not as harsh of an approach as NMT is but not as gentle or non-invasive as reflexology, which has the potential to be just as beneficial.

Author:  Georgi Thomas, Licensed and Certified MT in Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports Massage, and Swedish Technique

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