Sciatica? Let’s Work It Out! 

Sciatica? Let’s Work It Out! 

Did you know that one out of ten persons suffer from sciatic pain? Most people who are afflicted by sciatica, or piriformis syndrome, are told that the only answer is surgery. That’s not completely true. You can lead a sciatic-pain free life with non-invasive body work such as massage and chiropractic care!

How do you determine that you have sciatica? Well, the most common sign is pain, which could be mild, radiating or sharp, down the back of the leg (even down into the toes). One could experience a tightness in the hips while sitting or having difficulty walking. Other common signs include: pressure or burning sensations in the low back, leg or foot numbness and muscle weakness.

Why is massage a better alternative to surgery? With massage, the practitioner is able to find the cause of the sciatic pain, which is the compression of the sciatic nerve. After a one-hour session, clients feel less pressure in the low back and less pain. The usual protocol to follow for treatment is massage once a week for four to six weeks, depending on the clients’ pain levels. If one choose to have surgery the recovery time alone is six weeks or more and the chances of the sciatic pain returning are much higher, not to mention the loss of flexibility and range of motion in the low back as well.

Dealing with sciatica nerve pain? Book a massage appointment today!  Relief of your pain could be just one session away!

Author: Georgi Thomas, Licensed and Certified MT in Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports Massage, and Swedish Technique

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