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Loved the experience at Puro!! Everyone was so welcoming and professional! The atmosphere is so relaxing and very clean! My mud wrap is amazing and I wil definitely be going back as recommending to my friends!

Dear Puro Spa and Staff,I was so well received upon entering the spa by everyone, so impresswith the Décor and how well it is going to be such a Welcome inBelleville.I will be back for my Massage with Georgi, Such a wonderful relaxing massage.It's been a tough winter, and I need that comfort and warmth with thehot stone massage.Best Wishes and Continue Success! 

Pain, Hashimotos

We had read a lot about health matters, holistic medicine, functional medicine and different things we should be doing. We had been buying organic meats and vegetables but still were not seeing the results we were expecting. When It came to putting all the information together (some contradicting the other) and coming up with a plan, we were lost. Decided to go to Puro seminar and liked that we heard a lot of what we had been reading so we decided to sign up. Dr. Sullivan, Alisha, and Alice (and others) are very helpful and genuinely concerned. My wife, I and my daughter (who is mentally/physically challenged) all began their program. I lost 26lbs., my wife and daughter both 20lbs. I have dropped my blood pressure and cholesterol meds completely. Since drinking more water my dry eyes have gotten better and I no longer need using drops. My wife has thyroid problems and hoshimotos they seem to be better since we started. My daughter gets around better since losing the weight and she has grown accustomed to the way we now eat...lots of veggies and good non-steroid/hormonal meats. No cravings for sweets although we do have some here and there as a reward. I have read people talking about the cost of the program but to me...the tests for sensitivities, the supplements given, the classes, the guidance and the life change is what I spent that money on and well worth it. When my mother passed she was on 14 different meds and very overweight. Spent most of her retirement in pain and broke from med costs. Healthy food costs more but do you want to spend your money on good food and feel good or spend it on meds and be sick through life. Thank You Puro Health and Wellness

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