The Benefits of Blending

The Benefits of Blending

The Bountiful Benefits of Blending

First choose your weapon! Well blender that is J. A lot of people already have a blender and some of you might already use it but this blog is here to either remind you to use it or to show you how.

I am not an expert at blenders; in fact, I just began around four months ago but I have been using it religiously to get the most value out of my groceries and for nutritious snacks on the go and throughout the day. Obviously the lower the price of the blender, the less features it may have but even the simplest blender can still give you a good advantage over the morning rush. I have two blenders to compare one is the top of the line “Ninja”, the other is a fairly low priced Hamilton Beach Blender.

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Choosing a blender (If Necessary)

These two couldn’t be more different. The Ninja is a super mega powerhouse and can chop the chewiest of dough and the toughest of foods. The other blender “Hamilton Beach” does not have as many features nor the strength of the Ninja but can still be a helpful tool in the mornings. For 15.00$ at target the “Hamilton Beach Blender” is more than worth it.  Throw a good amount of berries, fruit, and spinach and still get a worthy smoothie.

So price shouldn’t be too much of a problem and chances are you already have a worthy blender but these two are my recommendations.

If you are going to keep it simple, with a moderate amount of fruits, vegetables and you plan to use it once a day, feel free to get that little Hamilton, it will be more than worth it.

If you are looking to actually make large “family” portions, your own dressings, a wider range of vegetables, fruits, cookie dough, flour mix, or anything a bit more complex than you should probably look for a more premium blender like the Ninja. (59.99 $ and up)

How not to skip meals in the mornings

Next time you go to the store here is what you do.

First go to the frozen foods section at your local Whole Foods and grab several bags of the “Central Market ORGANIC Strawberries, mixed berries, peaches, and vegetable mixes”, then go and grab a bin of spinach ( or some type of deep leafy green), some coconut milk, cinnamon (if you prefer) and maybe an apple or two. NOTE: (The Hamilton may not be able to handle a full apple, use at your own risk) don’t forget your normal protein shake regimen (Clearvite, Repairvite, Probiotics, etc.) and make sure to grab some HEMP protein too (or whichever protein you prefer).

Now doing this the night before fill the Blender with Coconut milk to about a cup and a half, then eyeball the amount of fruit you want start off small, then pulse a little, taste, then blend again. I use the trial and error method and it’s been working great as long as you are patient and take your time.

Do not forget to add at least 5 leaves of spinach to get a decent amount of nature’s favorite super food.  Cut up the apple, make sure to cut out the core and the skin, (I usually leave small amounts of the skin to gain a bit more fiber) then a dash of cinnamon, a couple scoops of HEMP protein/Whey Protein/Brown Rice Protein(whichever protein is your preferred ) and voila! You have made the simple man/women super drink.

Doing this the night before will greatly reduce the time you spend in the morning debating on what to eat, less frustration all around and you’ll be happy to know you have an awesome snack waiting for you in the morning.

NOTE: This is not replacing your breakfast but simply a complimentary addition to it. Try your best never to skip a meal but my main goal for this post is that if you are a regular breakfast skipper, or you have lots of trouble eating in the morning this should at the very least keep you afloat.

I hope this helps and until next time. Blend on!

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  1. Carolyn Rowlson January 4, 2015 at 6:03 pm - Reply

    Thanks. I’ve been looking for nutritious smoothie recipes.Also didn’t know that smoothies were not a substitute for breakfast.

    • lisasully January 20, 2016 at 4:44 pm - Reply

      Meals are best and most complete with proteins, healthy fats, and fiber-rich foods… throwing these together in a smoothie is certainly possible, and thus, can replace a meal. Using a healthy protein supplement powder (protein) in blender full of vegetables and fruits (fiber) with an avocado or non-dairy milk like coconut milk (healthy fats) would be a good start. Good luck and best wishes!

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