Treat Yourself With Reflexology

Treat Yourself With Reflexology

Reflexology is using pressure points on the hands and feet to affect the rest of the body. By doing so, the body is prompted to reduce inflammation on its own, thus starting the healing process. This is possible because the human body and all its organs and different systems are reflected on the plantar (bottom) surface of the feet and on the palm of the hands.

A typical reflexology session can be anywhere from thirty minutes to a full hour, depending on where and how much work the client requires. Reflexologists use “finger walking” patterns to move from one point to another, finding the areas that are more sensitive or tender to touch which informs the practitioner of what organs or systems have inflammatory issues.

The benefits of reflexology seem to be limitless, from promoting a healthy nights’ sleep to reducing anxiety and depression. This technique is generally relaxing and can effectively reduce stress. Studies have shown that reflexology can also be beneficial in palliative care of cancer patients.


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Author:  Georgi Thomas, Licensed and certified MT in neuromuscular therapy, Sports massage, and Swedish technique

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